Friday, January 25, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Again

Five Minute Friday

I'm joining in this week's Five Minute Friday, and you can too! Just write for 5 minutes with no editing on the word of the week. This week's word is "again." 

Here goes...

I look down into the bag of Chex Mix, my fingers covered in fine orange powder, and I sigh in frustration. Surely I hadn’t eaten that much. Surely the bag was emptier than I remembered it being before I started mindlessly eating. Surely I had only had one handful. Or two.  Or three. 

How do I keep finding myself in this same place? Over and over, again and again. Maybe it’s a bad day that triggers it, or maybe I’m lonely or sad or just bored. Whatever the reason, more often than not I turn to food for comfort instead of turning to Jesus.

I think about how I am so heartbroken when Charlotte turns her head away from me when she is grumpy or upset, how I long for her to reach out to me in her frustration or sadness.  Doesn’t she know how much I love her, how much I want to sweep her up into my arms and hold her tightly, her sweet head nestled into the crook of my neck?

I think of the small way in which I love her compared to the vastness of the love of God, and I wonder how much God’s heart breaks when I choose something as ridiculous as Chex Mix to comfort me when I have the Healer of the Universe waiting, His arms open wide, ready to embrace me?

Again and again I fail, and again and again He forgives, removing my sin as far as the east is from the west.


  1. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

  2. thankful for the truth you've expressed.

  3. beautiful post once again Erin!

  4. I find that I too will often reach for food for comfort. I have been trying to not eat anything when I am stressed, anxious etc etc etc. and to just allow myself to feel and experience and work through all of those emotions. (wow, there are a lot of them). I'm not sure what I am supposed to learn from them? Maybe just to let them exist and be, without trying to mask them? I don't know. Good luck, I loved your post. It was very real!

  5. Beautiful! What a treasured and honest post! <3


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