Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Saddest Birthday Girl

This video from Charlotte's birthday party deserves its own post. Take a look at how Charlotte responds to her family singing "Happy Birthday." She's less than impressed.


That expression on her face is priceless. She was clearly tired and ready for a nap by this point. I will point out that she perked up considerably when we brought out her cake. :)

As a bonus, here's a video we took on Charlotte's actual birthday (which was this past Sunday). She was giggling up a storm, and I couldn't resist capturing it on video. (Her adorable little pants were made by my aunt Zonia.)


  1. ah i love that little giggle! how cute!!

  2. Okay seriously....she is just delish!!!! Watched a few of the other videos you posted...the video of her and sweet potatoes was too sweet!


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